IT Service Management Software



IT Service Management is essential for supporting, handling, producing and delivering the various steps and process of IT services.ITSM is essential for conserving the cost as it creates an expectable IT organisation. It is extremely beneficial for the organisation as it helps in the decision-making process.

One of the important parts of ITSM is that it completely emphases on delivering products which meet the requirements and needs of the customers.


Features of IT Service Management Software


The qualities of the top ITSM software includes the following:


  • These tools contain problem management features.


  • These tools have the necessary processes and methods for change management.



  • They also contain asset and configuration management which also contains the access requests of the applications.


  • Service catalogue guarantees that the respective subject management expert has received the tickets.


  • The agreement process of the service level.



  • They also contain the quality to manage the flow of the tickets and also assist in project management.


There are numerous types of IT Service Management tools and software such as:


  1. Freshservice 

This is an IT Help Desk and solution for service management which ensures the easy and quick procedure of IT services by the organisations and industries. Which is created with the cloud.

This provides various qualities such as self-service portal, ticketing system and knowledge base. It also has a mobile application for androids and iOS, and this makes it simpler and easier for the IT Administrator to respond to the customers’ requests.


  1. AssetSonar


This is an IT asset management solution which is created with cloud technology. It includes the function of auto-discovery. It contains a variety of incredible management modules which provides a chance to the IT industries to achieve control over the entire IT asset management outline. It has several more features in it such as user management, IT asset management, warranty management and inventory management. It also contains barcode scanning, reporting and alerts.


  1. Vision HelpDesk


This is a ticket management solution created with cloud technology. It can be used across numerous industries and business. This software is extremely useful for making tickets automate with the use of rule-based principles. It helps the business to manage flexible work time for their employees and offer responses withing perfect time by generating ticket rules. There are several ticket tasks which can work faster, for example prioritizing tickets, giving out several tickets to a number of agents and also tracking the complete progress wit the utilisation of micros.


  1. ManageEngineServiceDesk Plus


This software is built to be a help desk management platform. It contains several components such as IT service management, project management, help desk, qualities of ITIL and contract management. This also provides an automated ticket generator. It also offers new tickets to the technicians on the basis of their availability.


  1. Zandesk Help Desk


Zandesk is a help desk management which is created with the use of cloud-based technologies. This provides with numerous tools which are customisable in order to create a portal for customer service, knowledge base, service portal and the online communities or blogs. This solution comes with the features of the front-end portal, which is customisable; it contains live chat functions and also incorporation with several applications.


  1. SolarWinds


It is a perfect option for business and organisationswho are looking for a help desk which provides IT Service Management (ITSM) features. It is also created with cloud technology. It provides with high technology and faster service desks it allows the business or organisations to connect with the customers and to respond faster to the requirements and needs of the customers, which results in the enhanced support.


  1. LogMeIn Central


This software lets the experts or professionals handle and monitor the endpoint infrastructures. They have a numerous range of qualities such as system health monitoring, antivirus management, user management and grouping with the help of a computer with the help of location, access and permission.


  1. SysAid Software


This is a service desk which is created with the help of cloud technology. This is extremely useful for all the business across the industries. It has a variety of qualities such as network monitoring, patch management, automation of desk and analysis of performance,


These are the various types of IT Service Management Software which are gaining tremendous popularity each day.